Friday, January 29, 2016

The Pros and Cons of Consumerism

Consumerism is good because, it helps us with our homework and we can recycle it. Consumerism is  bad because it can lead to severe injuries or even death. Kids are dying from obesity and overweight because they are consuming too much of their electronics and video games, or their phones. Kids are inside watching Netflix and playing video games too much instead of getting tan in the sun and having fun with their friends/family instead of playing a fake game and not paying any attention to the real life around them. In many ways I think that consumerism is bad, but some consumerism, I have to say, is very, good, and it helps us survive in life.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Material Things and Spending Habits

I blogged about consumerism last week and I told that we use up way too much plastic and fill up the enviorment, today I will be talking about how materials are taking over the world and we have way to much stuff in our storage room at home, we need to get rid of some of our stuff, but some of us just can't get rid of it. My family cleans out our clothes/shoes/purses etc. every 3 months and that still isn't enough! People need to start donating clothes to the local Platos Closet, salvation army or goodwill. Because, the trash does not need all of these clothes that could be worn by someone who cannot afford new clothes! Since my birthday is coming up, I'm asking for new Nike clothes and those popular Adidas sweats, and shoes, while my other clothes don't get used anymore and I will start liking these new clothes more and eventually my old clothes will go to Platos Closet instead of Izzy's closet. People need to learn how to manage their budget and stop going to the mall every weekend with their friends, and spend their money on things that they will really need later in life.

Monday, January 11, 2016

You consume things when you wake up, (yes that one piece of toast with eggs you had for breakfast counts) and even that one pack of tiny 60 calorie gummy worms that you had in your lunch box that was in a plastic wrap, that you will just throw away after you have eaten it counts. Unfortunately consumers are taking over the world, (people like you!) and not in a good way. We have been throwing away way too much, and we are overflowing landfills just because we are too “lazy” to seperate our recycling and we throw it in the trash instead. We could be recycling items and helping the environment/ecosystem but instead we are filling up landfills with items like, plastic bottles instead of putting our water into bottles, paper plates instead of washing the dishes, and much more items that fill up our landfills across the world that don't need to. My point is, we need to cut down on all of the disposable items in our world, and start using reusable items and help the enviornment.